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As the blog title suggests, A Glimpse to the Past contains everything about my readings of History and Historical Fiction. Although both are about history, the (pure) history is much different from historical fiction. So, I divide those two themes, and placed them on two side bars of this blog. The left would be the home for HISTORY, while the right is for HISTORICAL FICTION.

Covered in this blog:

What I regard as History in this blog is the works of historiography (a body of historical work on a specialized topic—wikipedia), written by historians. Biography of influential people is included—as long as it is written by a historian—but not autobiography which I believe is too subjective. I also include journalism writing as long as it covers influential events.

Historical Fiction
As this genre covers wide range of literature, I limited myself to books that contains any historical aspect (influential people, events, works), not just the time setting. It means many historical romances which only ‘borrow’ the background setting, but do not contain any historical facts, ARE NOT covered here.

My posts & reviews:

This blog is bilingual, I am writing in my native language: Bahasa Indonesia, as well as in English. I only post in one language for each book, so if you want to read it in your own language, please use the translation tool at the top of right side bar. Usually I would review English books in English, and Indonesian or Indonesian translation in Bahasa Indonesia, but sometimes I pick any language which is suitable to my mood at that time :)


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