Thursday, January 15, 2015

Asia and Pacific History Reading Challenge 2015

I have participated in several reading challenges, but this one: Asia and Pacific Reading Challenge 2015 is hosted by my fellow Indonesian blogger, Helvry—he’s a history and philosophy freak just like me, haha! And because I have at least one book on my reading list that would be eligible for this challenge, I decided to participate.

The challenge is to read one book or more on Asia Pacific history, be it non-fiction or historical fiction, as long as the setting is in Asia Pacific. I will read this book:

Empress by Shan Sa

It’s a historical fiction of Empress Wu, the first and only female emperor of China, from Tang Dynasty.

I might add another book (perhaps Max Havelaar) along the way, but it depends on how I would deal with my reading schedule.

Bravo for Helvry for this reading challenge! I can’t wait till you host your philosophical reading challenge… ;)

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