Saturday, December 29, 2012

All The President’s Men: Chapter 10-17

The next chapters of All The President’s Men, following my post of chapter 1-9, as the first inquiry of my The Well-Educated Mind Self-Project.

Chapter 10

After election Washington Post got a source who was willing to guide them to the right path on their Watergate journalism. The source said that Nixon’s assistant had done investigation about “news leakage”. Meanwhile White House had started to put hard pressure upon Washington Post.

Chapter 11

The two Washington Post reporters—Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward—were summoned to the court for asking questions to Watergate jury, but they could luckily get away from punishment. Watergate defendants were persuaded by CRP to plead guilty. The trial did not end satisfyingly.

Chapter 12

A senator started a thorough investigation of Watergate, he would challenge White House executives by summoning President’s assistants. It was found that Nixon’s team had screwed few other Presidential candidates’ campaign with dirty tricks; Senator John F. Kennedy was one of the victims. CRP finally issued subpoena for Washington Post and few other media.

Chapter 13

Washington Post found false campaigns conducted by Nixon’s team over some issues to stimulate public opinion. ‘Deep Throat’ said that President was furious of Watergate news leakage. White House wanted to get rid of Washington Post, but on the other hand they were also frustrated because the game was now near the end. The new FBI Director has been appointed, and his testimony had helped Washington Post to clear its reputation.

Richard M. Nixon

Chapter 14

Money was still flowing even after Watergate. There were first signs of catastrophe that would strike White House. President held a press conference saying that he would let his assistants testify in front of Watergate Senate Committee. Meanwhile few of his Advisors resigned, while the other started to whistle about his colleagues’ involvement in the scandal.

Chapter 15

President’s loyal men started to fight each other between themselves. Nixon’s Advisor—John Dean—had reported to him that two of his men knew all about Watergate, but those two persuaded Nixon to sacrifice Dean. Moreover, seemed that there had been many illegal activities like Watergate “from the beginning”, and at the end John Dean might be involving the President for covering up illegal activities.

Chapter 16

President Nixon announced resignation of his two most loyal men who had involved in Watergate. White House then made an open apology to Washington Post. It’s revealed that to investigate “news leakage” White House had done 17 tapping; Henry Kissinger—President’s Assistant for national Security—had given the authority to FBI. ‘Deep Throat’ warned the two reporters that the situation was getting more dangerous; CIA might have been watching them electronically. Meanwhile it’s obvious that President actively involved in the Watergate covering-up activities, but a president could not be indicted constitutionally when he was still serving. The biggest surprise was that the President even tapped his own office!

Chapter 17

White House finally submitted the tapping tapes, although there was one or two that had been erased. All the guilty President’s men were indicted one by one by the jury, and the House of Representatives finally started their investigation to impeach the President.


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